Why Use Search Specifics in Adult Dating?

You may think that casual adult dating is a thrill all to itself, and you're partly right. The idea that you can meet all sorts of people from all walks of life and have sex with them for free is indeed the type of freedom that makes America great. And while you might say, “anyone, anywhere” is your preferred type, you might think twice when you actually meet a person face to face.

Why? Because the idea of anonymous partner ready and willing is one thing in fantasy, but it can be quite another in person. When you see a person up close things that may not have bothered you before may be a major distraction. Think of basics like race, height, weight and body shape. Racial sensitivity aside, you can't have sex with someone you're not attracted to, and shouldn't feel compelled to do so if you feel no attraction. Otherwise, it's cruel to you and your undesirable partner.

However, physical concerns don't stop there. What about the idea of drugs, alcohol and other physical conditions? For instance, smoking is a major turn off for some people because of the physical effects long-term smoking brings to a person's body. It's one thing to date someone who likes to drink but can you really handle a habitual drunk or a drug addict?

Remember, www.AdultFriendFinder.com  has over 30 million people signed up and that's a great deal of diversity to sort through. Chances are, there are just as many people that you won't like as you will like. The best thing to do is to indicate on your questionnaire what physical qualities are most important to you.

Finding the Right Mental Connection

Though you may think of casual sex as a physical pleasure, the truth is that mental and emotional compatibility do play a big part of the attraction. Case in point you want a physical relationship with a girl who is mysterious and sexy...not a girl who's clingy, obsessive, likes stalking and who treats you like a mother. Your sex partner has to be compatible to your mental and emotional wants and needs.

Even if you say to yourself, looks are all that matters just think of how much better the affair would be if you met someone who enjoys your type of sexual fetishes and fantasies. What if you could meet a partner who enjoys role-playing, ménages à trois, anal, oral and so on?

It's the little things that make your affair memorable, so take the time to fill out the questionnaire and get the party started!

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