Why Not Try Swinging on an Adult Dating Site?

Is your spouse bi-curious? Have you ever thought about partner swapping before? Hey, you only live once so you might as well enjoy life once in a while. Partner swapping and group sex isn't everyone's cup of tea, but for couples that love tea, it's hot! Just imagine meeting new people every month and enjoying a carnal love-fest. It's sex without commitment and fun exploration without the risk of breaking up a marriage. Some swinger couples say that swinging actually helps their sex life.

Of course, it's nearly impossible to find swinging couples out in public. It's downright disastrous to try and make swinging friends out of your regular friends! Let's face it, certain couples just having swinging personalities and others don't. You don't want to upset anyone by asking a simple question, but often times you will.

Here's a better idea: join a swinging website like www.SwapFinder.com and start talking to people that you already know are into the swinging lifestyle! The website  www.AdultFriendFinder.com  also has a swapping section to their site and contains more members than any other adult dating site. This saves you a lot of wasted time trying to “seduce” people that just aren't into it. Plus, it also saves you face, as you can filter out the types of couples that you don't want. You can search for singles that like couples or couples seeking couples or even group sex.

Fun with Swapping

There are all sorts of scenarios to explore with swapping. Some couples like “soft” swapping, which includes having sex with your usual partner while the other couple watches, or all four members touching each other without any sex. Hard swapping may involve all four members in separate rooms or in the same room, with partner swapping and double teams on one person. Be sure to specify in your ad whether one or both spouses are straight, because some couples are definitely “anything goes” types of lovers.

Some people have very specific wants in a swapping game, whereas other couples may just want general sex. Some mates like to watch their spouse's cheating, and some couples just want a bisexual woman or even a single woman. It's important to lay down the rules of swapping before you start any activity. You also have to consider people's preferences as far as STDs go, as well as the “drama” that may occur. Some people hate drama and some people like it, go fig.

Why wait? Start swinging today using AdultFriendFinder.com!

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