Why Adult Dating Sites Are Safer Than Craigslist

You have probably thought of the Craigslist option before, and the free vs. paid subscription is indeed a tempting offer. However, is Craigslist dating really worth it? Granted you're going to find your share of “fake” profiles on every site, free and paid. What makes adult dating sites stand apart from free posting sites are the following five advantages.

  1. More Financial Investment from Members

    Free posting sites don't require any financial investment beyond entering an email address. When you work through a site like www.AdultFriendFinder.com  you can be sure that all of the other members have paid for their membership, and are more likely to be the real deal so they can get laid and get back their money's worth.
  2. More Sophisticated Matching Elements

    Adult dating companies spend a lot of money designing a more complex site with multiple dating options including location search, mutual interest search, body characteristic search, keyword search and even compatibility testing with some sites. There is no type of filter or search field when you use a free site.
  3. Webcams, Audio Calls and Other Technological Conveniences

    The top websites today have live webcam chat, anonymous VoIP telephone calling, video downloads of member introductions, instant messengers, chat rooms and all sorts of other innovations. These features are not only fun but help you avoid wasting time in person with someone you really have no interest in.
  4. Verification Services

    Many adult dating sites have special software applications that verify a person's gender and age. Other services have identity conformation options, usually in which a user submits a photo of himself/herself holding up a legible username text. (A sign, a tattoo, etc.) Free posting sites and the members who frequent there really don't care about who is real, who is dangerous and what happens.
  5. Icebreakers, Games and Other Options

    Adult dating companies go all out to make sure your investment is worthwhile. They help you get started in dating, by providing icebreakers, games, quizzes, conversation starters and other fun options to help you make a connection. Furthermore, some sites even have a “get laid” guarantee on their services. Free dating sites have nothing of the sort. You're on your own with just a keyboard and an email address to help you.

As you can see, commercial adult dating sites are by far safer and more attractive than free posting sites like Craigslist. You can be confident that when you sign up with an adult dating service, you are getting what you pay for.

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