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Push Button Pussy Overview:

A “system to transform you into her savior?” A way to “get you laid like a rockstar?” Tell us more! Push Button Pussy is a program for guys who are looking for their next casual hookup from adult dating sites. If you are looking for love and romance, look away now! This website is completely aimed at casual dating and one night stands. Offering tips on meeting women online, how to use the advice offline, and how to get women to do exactly what you want, join today for over $1000 of discounts.

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Push Button Pussy Features:

There are so many features included with Push Button Pussy it is hard to know where to begin. The key elements are a “pussy magnet profile” which is entirely written for you based on the founder’s extensive research on what kind of profile gets attention from the right kind of ladies. You will also receive access to information on ”Pics that get clicks” this is important details on how to get attention from your photos with a foolproof 3 step system. 

Once you’ve signed up to the site of your choice, you will need to craft the perfect first message. With Push Button Pussy this is written for you. If you’d rather sit back and wait, don’t worry-with your profile and pics, real hot girls will be contacting you.

With your membership, you will also have access to:

  • The 33 best messages of all time.
  • Messages and chat up lines which work outside of online dating.
  • Turn your cell phone into a dating machine. How to organize your phone.
  • Phrases of Death. What NOT to say to girls.
  • Powerful secrets of the best adult daters
  • Teen Machine. How to date college women forever. 
  • Know her better than she knows herself. How to always say and do the right thing with women.
  • How to make women think you’re rich, WITHOUT spending a dime.

Push Button Pussy Sign Up:

This is not your average adult dating website. In order to sign up, you will need to watch an instructional video on how to succeed with adult dating, and why so many guys are getting it wrong. The video is interesting for women too! Once you’ve watched the video, enter your email address and name to get started. Alex Truman will introduce you to the website and explain his role. He discusses how he gives the right kind of women free memberships to adult websites. All you need to do is work out how to not seem like one of the “creepy freaks!” Signing up is then as simple as paying the $69.95 fee.

Push Button Pussy Safety:

There is no dedicated safety page on Push Button Pussy, but Alex does advise that you should only use this system for legal and lawful consensual sexual relationships. He strongly urges anyone who is using the site and will hurt people by doing so to not buy the system at all. Your credit card information is all protected with an internal firewall and a safe payment system. 

Push Button Pussy Prices:

The website explains that all the features you will receive on subscription are worth over $1000. You will be able to unlock them all for only $69.95! You will also receive a 2 week trial to Turbo, which is an accelerated program helping you meet hot women online.

Some websites offer a free trial, some websites offer a money back guarantee. Not many offer both! At Push Button Pussy you are entitled to a completely free 14 day trial, and then a 30 day money back guarantee. This is not only valid if you are not getting laid, but can be used for any reason at all. A completely fool proof money back guarantee.  
Take a look at the terms and conditions to make sure you are comfortable with the higher renewal prices where relevant. 

Push Button Pussy Ease of Use:

The entire system couldn’t be easier to get to grips with. Simply finish watching the instructional video, and click the payment button. You will be taken to a page with a list of what you will be receiving for your $69.95, and when you’ve paid for your subscription you can automatically download everything the site has to offer. As everything is hosted online, you can watch everything immediately, without the fear of an indiscreet package arriving in the mail. Imply log in, and click play. Instant access. 

If at any time you are unhappy, you have a direct email address or phone number to get in touch. They also offer a ticket system. 

Push Button Pussy The Search:

These tips and tricks are supposedly able to help you no matter what woman you are using them for. Are you in the friend zone? Is she already in a relationship? Is it the right kind of dating site? It doesn’t matter. After analyzing years of data, these techniques are proven to work for all guys who use them, no matter what. Rather than search tools on the website, women will automatically be contacting you to get laid, and you will learn the tricks of approaching the ones who don’t. 

Push Button Pussy Bottom Line:

Push Button Pussy is the key to success on other online dating websites. They offer instruction and guidance not only on meeting women online, but on how to succeed with your next casual encounter and how to move the relationship offline for your next hot night out. 

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