The Price of Casual Encounters

Sex is never free. Have you ever heard someone say that? The idea may sound unusual to you, but the essence of that is true. All sex costs something, unless you're counting masturbation. However, making love to another person does cost you money, time and effort. Even “free sex” with a buddy can end up costing you time, effort and even pain if the relationship becomes strained.

How about dating the old fashioned way? The moral and classy way? Yes, this costs big bucks! If you don't have sex before marriage then you'll have to pay for a $7,000 wedding. Even if you do find a boyfriend or a girlfriend who's willing to go all the way before the wedding night, you're going to have to pay for a succession of dates (definitely your own tab and maybe the other person's tab as well). So if a standard meal in a non-fancy restaurant costs at least $20 and you date once a week for three months, how much is that costing you? That's $240 dollars! That's not even counting gifts, chocolates, roses, etc. That's not even counting the money you spend if your date expects you to buy “classy dinners” and pay for it all because you're the perfect gentleman. That's not counting the cost of concerts, theme parks, and anything else fun to do around town.

Why Use an Adult Dating Service?

Now are you getting the idea about the high cost of sex? The cost of a serious relationship (with occasional sex) equals the price of paying an escort (who offers occasional sex). Of course, it's hard to condone prostitution since you're paying high prices for cheap and unsafe sex. Want a compromise and the most affordable sex plan available today? Opt for an adult dating service.

An adult dating service offers standard memberships for as little as $7.00 a month when prepaid for a year or at most, $29.99 per month for as many dates as you would like. Chat rooms, instant messaging, webcam chat and photo sharing are all “free” dates that don't require any extra cash. You don't even have to blow $50 on a new cologne or new makeup! The adult dating website is the cheapest way to date and the easiest way to score!

Furthermore, you don't get a very big selection of lovers when you meet people at bookstores or at a cousin's wedding. However, using an adult dating service can get you a wide variety of lovers of all ages and shapes, and into all sorts of kinky and bizarre sex fetishes. The price of a year long romance the old fashioned way? Upwards of $2,000. The price of a hot blonde willing to call you “daddy” while spanking you and while her sexy girlfriend tickles your feet? Priceless.

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