Staying Safe When Using Adult Dating Sites

The idea of using an adult online dating site for discreet and anonymous sex is certainly a titillating idea. However, no sex is worth jeopardizing your health for nor is one steamy encounter worth your life. Considering how easy sex is nowadays there is no reason to approach this opportunity carelessly.

Let's start with the basic rules. Approach every new dating opportunity with caution. Do not trust whatever someone says, no matter how convincing he or she is. Trust has to be earned over a period of time. Since you are not going to trust someone right away, there is no need to give out personal information within the first several chats. So avoid giving out your real name, neighborhood location, relative's names and any information that could reveal your home or work location.

If over time you come to trust someone, then you reveal basic information. However, this level of trust is usually not achieved until months after an initial meeting—and after dozens, perhaps hundreds of chats. Some cautious people won't even reveal personal information until well after the first sexual encounter. Some people will never reveal personal information at any point in time, and this could be a smart decision, especially if the two of you don't want a commitment.

Staying Safe in Person When Dating Online

Remember, one of the first rules of a casual relationship is that there is no commitment, and hence no need to get personal. If you meet someone you like and want to get physical then a hotel room should suffice. Opening up your home, your office or even a friend's house could put you in personal risk should your date become obsessed with you and want you around 24-7. And of course this scenario could happen because you're just that lovable, aren't you?

It's also a smart idea to let someone know where you are going if and when you decide to meet someone for an affair. You don't have to tell your parents or your church pastor, but you should at least tell a friend, a colleague or someone who has ties to you in some way. This way, if something should happen, people will already know where you were going and who you were going with. If you are meeting someone for the first time, it's best to meet in a public place and try to gauge whether this person is truly trustworthy, real, and knows how to treat a lover.

Follow your instincts and don't take a chance if you feel uncomfortable. Dating casually also means dating responsibly!

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