Sex Etiquette for Adult Dating

You may know your way around a chat room or an instant messaging window, but do you really know what you're doing once you get the casual encounter started? This can be an intimidating time for new lovers, especially if they have never had casual sex before.

First, focus on your looks. It should go without saying that good hygiene and complimentary attire is important. However, try to dress in a manner that resembles the “picture” you have already given your lover through online photo sharing. Stick to the same colors and styles; this well help make the transition from online world to physical world less awkward.

Be careful about broaching any awkward conversations. A simple statement like “I never do this sort of thing,” or wanting to talk about husbands, exes, family life, etc. can be a major turn off. If you sense that there is awkward tension in the air, then it's best to ask for what you want. Don't come on too strong by using dirty talk prematurely. However, romantic talk and highly emotive talk (as in, what you want to do and why) is a great way to accelerate the affair. If you are cheating on someone then arrange to meet in a hotel. Be careful about giving out your home address to someone you don't know very well.

Obviously, do not do anything without asking permission first. Don't presume because your partner previously said something about something, he/she is ready to take your sexual assault. Listen to his/her cues and don't be pushy about getting what you want. Go with the flow, but stay motivated and don't back away in shyness. Either ask for what you want or give your partner a cue, showing what to do next. Since men typically orgasm and ejaculate easier than women, it's courteous to make the woman orgasm first.

After Sex Tips

Try to maximize the afterglow and not jump up, breaking the romantic scene. Avoid falling asleep and avoid doing anything that screams “clingy” or “obsessed fan.” Don't freak out if he/she doesn't want to see you anymore. This is a casual relationship; you may have disappointed or you may have been pure dynamite. However, your partner has the right to decide whether he or she wants to see you again. Remember not to be too clingy via instant messenger, blog posting or flirts. Respect the distance and never ask for any commitment, personal information, etc. If at some point your two paths cross again, be excited. Otherwise, just move on to the next no strings attached affair.

Remember these tips so you won't develop the reputation of a needy mistress or boy toy—that's the last thing your partner needs!

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