How to Put on a Good Webcam Show with Adult Dating Services

One of the best features about adult dating services is the webcam show. At some point, if you both have a webcam (and by all means invest in's less than $30 for a cheap webcam nowadays) you can watch each other online while continuing to text chat or phone chat. The advantages of webcam chat are obvious. You can finally see whether that hot blonde is really a hot blonde or a 50 year old man. You can also test your physical chemistry.

However, you may be fretting about your upcoming “webcam show.” No need to worry, your partner is not expecting a “webcam whore.” You don't have to do an erotic strip show if you don't want to. Usually the first time the both of you turn on a webcam the idea is just to have fun and to take in the other person's beautiful face. Naturally, try to look your best. Wear something presentable and make your face presentable, as if you were at a semi-formal gathering (if not a real date). Be friendly and smile, as if you are having fun. (Hopefully you are!) Laugh generously but don't “fake” any laughs.

Approaching Sexy Chat

As the two of you become friendlier through chat you may want to elevate the webcam show to bigger and better things. Rather than jumping into virtual sex right away, talk to each other and look into each other's “eyes” while reciting poetry, singing, etc. You may have heard advice elsewhere online that suggests you should be cold and make your partner “beg for attention.” This usually only works if you're a paid webcam stripper, so don't go for this. Especially if you're a guy. On the other hand, guys have to be careful and not lose any of their projected mystery by giggling too much or smiling like the weird looking dude in the Cialis commercial.

Once you decide you're both ready for virtual webcam sex, focus plenty of attention on the chat or the voice (if you have it). The idea is just as sexy as the visual. Enjoy the tease for a while and wait until your partner asks to see you strip. You could play a game of truth or dare or just wait until your partner asks you to take off a particular piece of clothing. Rule #1: don't immediately be naked as soon as you turn on your camera. There's just no mystery there. After getting naked introduce mutual masturbation into your routine but wait until your partner “lets” you touch, as this adds more effect to the dance.

Good luck getting lucky!

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