How to Have Virtual Sex Using Online Dating Services

At some point during your adult dating website experiment, you are going to have to give great cybersex. Cybersex is excellent foreplay and the safest form of safe sex known to humankind. Cybersex may very well be the “test” your partner gives you to see if you are worthy of a real life rendezvous. If you have never “cybered” before, or if you tried to cyber once and your partner mysteriously vanished and never talked to you again, then you could benefit from some cyber sex tips.

You can have cyber sex in a number of ways include through webcam, through microphone and speakers (or telephone), through instant messenger, through texting, through email, message boards and through a text chat room. The principles are the same, except that when you have sex in a public room or forum you are putting on a show for everyone, and when you email instead of instant message, you type and describe a few paragraphs rather than just one sentence, which you can get away with in instant messaging.

  1. Think in Detail

    This is particularly important if you are sending a lot email message or posting a message on a forum. Think in vivid detail and describe what you are doing to your partner. Don't just think in porno clichés; imagine the action really happening and come up with a creative way of stating it. Work in a kinky fantasy in for extra credit.
  2. Know Your Partner

    Don't presume anything when it comes to cybersex. Your partner may like dirty talk or may be turned off by it. Your partner may not like a particular sex act or scenario. When in doubt, check your partner's profile or ask him/her what type of talk he/she likes.
  3. Avoid Clichés and Type Correctly

    You don't have to be a literary genius, but it helps a lot if you can type a simple sentence without several misspellings. Do not type out porno clichés like “Oh yeah baby!” because they are not real. This is all about enjoying “real” sex, even if it's just a thought.
  4. Touch Yourself

    It helps a great deal if you touch yourself as you are describing or enjoying the fantasy. Rather than type one handed, you can focus on giving with full attention and then receiving when he/she responds. Throw yourself into the scene and feel the passion for real.
  5. Build Up to a Climax

    Build up to a climax or orgasm, not just in your own sensations but in your text. Describe your orgasm and partner's orgasm in detail and give him/her long enough to finish up to your words.

You see? Virtual sex isn't so difficult.

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