How to Get Laid Using a Sex Site

There's no question that adult dating sites like and  are great places to meet someone and get laid. In fact, it's much easier to get laid online than it is to look for sex in a local club, bar or heaven forbid the grocery store. (Don't start suggestively playing with melons or bananas or you will get kicked out!)

Why? It's simple—because the online dating environment (particularly casual encounters) is a much friendlier environment to the idea of casual sex. When you're flirting in a public place, you will run into many attractive people that are just not looking for sex. When you start looking at a site like, online you just know everyone's there to get laid! In fact some sites like offer a “get laid in three months” guarantee on your membership purchase.

The question is how can you guarantee that you will find many ready and willing sex partners? Some of these basic rules you may already know. For example, be smart, be funny, post plenty of good looking pictures and don't be too shy. However, there is more required from you and this is mainly due to the fact that there are more men than there are women online.

Therefore, you must be proactive in your search for a lover. This means not only posting pictures of yourself and instant messaging new members, but also getting involved in the local or national adult community. Read other people's blogs, join group events and join chat rooms for XXX fun. You may even want to look for swingers couples online, because they occasionally take on single people or host group sex parties.

How to Change the Dynamic

So what do you do when you meet someone online but something just isn't clicking between the two of you? (But you still want to have sex with that person?) Then it's time to accept the challenge and become the masterful seducer you know you are. Instead of relying on your own sense of humor or wit to score, study up on the other person by reading their public profile. Take tidbits of information and ask them about a subject they care about.

If your new flirt still doesn't seem to like you then start gently teasing him or her and try to get a rise. Sometimes getting the “reaction” is better than suffering through awkward conversation. At some point, you do have to stop pestering the prude or else you will be put on “ignore.” If and when that happens, just move on to the next date. And then tell everyone in the community you had sex with her. (We're just kidding now...)

It is so much easier to have casual encounters when you're using an adult dating site! What are you waiting for...a candlelight dinner? Join now!

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