How to Flirt with Other Users on Adult Dating Sites

Clicking the “flirt” button is easy enough when you're on an adult dating site like  or However, soon enough you will realize that a wink and a smile are not going to be enough to land you a hot date. You have to learn the art of flirting and have to translate it from human interaction to online text. It's not always an easy task, especially if you're shy or reserved, but if you can type you can do it!

First, remember to smile. Yes, we're still talking about online dating. This doesn't refer to smiley faces (though these faces are great ways to show emotion), but rather your tone. Online users should be able to sense your smile and good nature in the words you type. You can show your “smile” by making a joke, using a few smileys and exclamation points (but not too many or you might seem like Barney the Dinosaur) and talking about generally light, fun and uplifting things. Talking about anything negative immediately gives you a “frown” in your potential partner's eyes.

Next, don't be afraid to broach the subject of romance, dating and sex. If you come across as overly friendly, or more of a therapist than a lover, then your date will see you as a virtual friend. Always remain a sexual “threat”; even if you are as harmless as a teddy bear, you're still a teddy bear that wants some.

When it comes to flirting, women do enjoy the chase so be prepared to entertain your girl and don't be so sensitive to initial rejection. Being funny works, but don't forget to show your girl what an alpha male you are, and how hard it is to control your naughty behavior. (Now don't take this to an extreme and become a virtual rapist...think charmingly naughty) It also helps to talk about hobbies, crafts, your job, or anything else that shows you have passion and ambition.

Flirting from a Female Perspective

Women may get more attention from men online, but that doesn't mean all women are natural born flirts. For the best results, go for that femme-fatale spirit (without the danger though). Don't need your man too much and don't try to control him. On the contrary, carry on with witty banter that suggests you are a challenge and that you don't entirely trust him. Sex is all the more enjoyable when there is an element of mystery, uncertainty and wit.

Have fun out there and remember to laugh at least once a chat. If you can't love together, you're taking things too seriously!

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