How to Create a Sexy Adult Dating Profile for Men and Women

Not to seem sexist, but men do seem to have to “try harder” when creating a profile than women do. If you're a woman all you have to do to get tidal waves of attention is post a photo. For a man however, you need a good photo, an excellent introduction, a well written profile and then some!

For Men

So let's discuss the best way to fill out a profile. First, do provide a quality photo, in fact, several photos that highlight your best features. Before you even think of doing a dong picture, upload pictures of your smiling face, your full (clothed) body and other scenes that show you are a real human being and not a sex machine. Whet your partner's appetite for more naughty pictures by first presenting a “wrapped package.”

Develop your profile beyond what you want, and resist the urge to brag about how awesome you are. Instead, be creative and passionate—talk about things that turn you on, wild experiences you'd like to have and why you want to have them. Talk about the type of man and lover you are, and talk about hobbies and crafts that you enjoy. Talk about things close to your heart, but retain a feeling of mystery and with a voice of a poet. Don't spend too much time talking about what a saint you are, unless you're looking for a serious commitment. You want to seem rebellious and cool but not a physical danger. If you have any special talents or gifts provide photographic or video evidence.

For Women

Unlike the male profile, your job in creating a profile is not to get attention but to get quality attention from the guys (or girls) you like. So start by immediately filtering out the types you don't want. If you're a big girl, say so or show a picture so that you only get guys who like your body shape. If want an athletic man or a certain type of race then request such in your wants.

If you want a certain type of affair or a certain type of thinker specify this. Oh yes, you will still get approached by the wrong types, but at least you can leave behind a keyword for your perfect lover to search for. And while it's easy to coast off a pretty picture for months, intelligent guys will respect a well written profile all the more so.

It's easier than ever before to find casual encounters online!

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