How to Ask for Sex on an Adult Dating Site

So, you've finally joined an adult dating site and are looking forward to years and years of anonymous sex encounters. There's just one problem: you're still feeling shy whenever you chat with a real woman. It's understandable. You don't want to be like “those” guys who just ask for cybersex 24-7. You want to meet a new friend and treat her with respect...but yeah, you also want to get inside her pants. Don't sweat's not as difficult as it seems.

First things first, stop being a chicken. Guys that are too shy to ask for sex never get any sex. So stop fearing rejection, and stop acting like your sex drive is such a cardinal sin. At some point in time, you must express yourself and say what you want. However, you must have good timing and a witty way of communicating your wish, so that you don't come off as “creepy.”

How to Ask for Sex Online

When it's time to pose the big question, try to let go of your attachment to a specific outcome. The outcome is what we all dread, isn't it? The idea that you're going to ask for something specific and you're going to be rejected. Well, (1) rejection isn't so terrible a thing, and (2) why must you have such a specific goal in mind? You can get much farther if you simply ask for your crush's sexual attention and take whatever attention she gives you for the moment, instead of making it a big “yes or no” question. There are all sorts of fun two people can have together, including physical sex, webcam sex, phone sex, cybersex and just simple sexual conversation.

Next, make sure that you give the woman consent to say yes or no (meaning no demands) When you feel a mutual attraction, make your desire known in certain terms rather than letting her guess at what you want. Finally, practice making these suggestions so you can get used to talking to more women. Don't take rejection so seriously and your confidence will never wane.

If you are seeking a physical encounter, it might be wise to arrange for cyber sex, phone sex or web cam sex first. In fact, women may even view this safe form of sex as a “test” to see if you are really worth the time in person. Boldly take the challenge and let your creativity shine!

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