Get Laid Guaranteed!—The Truth Behind the Adult Dating Site Clause

Have you heard that if you sign up at  you can get laid within three months by guarantee of the company? This is an impressive hook and it will captivate the average man (or woman) who wants to see a “return on investment” in the form of a hot new naked lover. The idea of getting laid for $29.99 (the average cost of month by month billing) is certainly an attractive proposal, but does the clause stand? Can you really get laid within three months?

Yes, and it's easy to see why. has over 30 million members and is the most popular adult dating site on the net. By sheer odds, there is a better opportunity for you to get laid at a “casual dating site” where there are many horny men and women just waiting to find a compatible new lover. In fact, it's probably easier to get laid at AdultFriendFinder than it is to get laid in a bar or nightclub. At a bar, you really have no idea who is there to meet someone and who is there to just have fun. At an adult dating website, you can be sure that everyone you talk to has a wish list.

The company is confident that within three months, practically anyone can get laid—that is, if they seriously try to look for someone and if their tastes aren't too picky. (It's much easier to get laid than to get married, don't you know?) Of course, there is a slight chance that you won't get laid, due to circumstances, or a 1980s haircut, whatever. In this event, the company merely gives three more months for free. Nobody really loses anything, and you get another go around.

If you regularly use AdultFriendFinder on your casual sex search, you are bound to meet someone sooner than later. Even Sloth from The Goonies could get laid within six months.

AdultFriendFinder Rules

The company does have a few rules that are reasonable. In order to claim the new free three month period, you must maintain the account for three months, login at least once a month, send at least three emails for each month, create at least one blog or group post per month and generally act like a nice guy/girl and not scare people.

Once you fulfill these items and still are not getting any, you can send an email to customer service and tell them you haven't been laid. (This may be the most difficult part for all your alpha male studs out there) The offer is valid only once per customer.

It's time to take up on their offer! What are you waiting for, a treasure map? Getting laid is fun and easy!

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