Find Rebound Sex at an Online Dating Site

Say what you will about rebound sex and how it's a bad idea...everybody does it. Sure, you could stay at home and take stock of your life and yada yada, or you could go out and nail a hot young piece to calm the angry spirit inside. Hey, as long as you're not lying about anything, who cares? Everyone deserves good rebound sex.

You know you're dying to jump into someone's pants, but the idea of doing the first guy/girl you see at the mall is not very appealing, especially considering that he/she looks like Cletus from The Simpsons. Why not take your search to an online dating site? You don't have to fake interest in a long-term relationship if you don't want to. All you need is to feel desirable, sexy and fulfilled for one night. It's not for your's for yourself! There are plenty of singles and marrieds on websites like or  that can help you find your perfect rebound partner.

Finding the Perfect Affair at an Online Dating Site

The point is: why settle for whatever is there rather than customizing the affair you want with an online dating site? Hey, it's your life and you're entitled to whatever down and dirty affair you want! Are you a divorcee who's never tried a hot cocoa African lover before? Are you a newly dumped college boy whose soul can only be saved by having a threesome with Betty and Veronica? Maybe you waited three years to be with your girlfriend only to be unceremoniously blown off. Time to have sex with a lookalike! How twisted are you?

Rebound sex is all the more satisfying if you can customize the experience and feel exactly what you want to feel. It's so much more fun and invigorating to date someone you want, rather than someone who's “there for you.” When you have rebound sex with friends or acquaintances you usually cause more problems than anything else. When you keep your rebounds discreet and unknown to most of your inner circle, you can avoid embarrassment and all the “friendly advice” telling you that you should be exercising or starting a new project or whatever. Screw that, you want alcohol, cake and sex!

Why not give an adult dating site a try? You have nothing to lose. In fact, many sites currently have a “get laid or get three more months free” policy. Why not take them up on that offer and get over him or her once and for all?

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