A Word About Adult Dating Sites and “Hired Help”

Many new subscribers to adult dating services are shocked at the number of “real women” that seem interested in them after just a short stay at a new adult dating website. At first they think they're dealing with a robot or an automated user. However, they soon find out that their new interest is definitely a human and is very interested in getting together. She seems very easy to impress and almost too-friendly. In the back of their minds, they may be wondering: is she a “professional?”

Indeed, any hooker or “escort” that hasn't thought of adult online dating is really missing out on a great opportunity for business! There are millions of subscribers for these online dating services, and many subscribers are horny men. Put two and two together…

Now comes the inevitable discussion, is there anything wrong with dating a hooker using an adult dating site? Legally speaking, it depends on where you live and what exactly the two of you are agreeing to. It's not illegal for a prostitute to sleep with a client for free. It's not illegal for an escort already paid for her time to have sex with a client by choice. However, in most counties across the U.S. (same some in Nevada) it is illegal to pay someone for sex.

Obviously, soliciting one's self for sex is illegal and most paid sites and free sites will remove such a listing. However, you should be warned that there are some escorts and hookers who will go “undercover”, posing as a “casual encounter”, and will try to make you an offer.

Should You Pay?

Whether or not you pay an undercover lover for sex is your choice. Of course, the cynical among us might say that all sex costs in one way or another, so what's the difference? Nevertheless, some men looking for casual encounters are still put-off by the idea of an escort or prostitute asking for money. Some feel it is a form of cheating, and that in order for a sexual encounter to feel good it has to be “real” and deeply personal, with no business transaction motivating the encounter.

There are some men that really don't care one way or the other and use online dating services as a discreet way of finding escorts. Other men simply dislike the idea of paid sex altogether and want an affair only on their terms. The choice is yours. Oh yeah, and if by some chance you fall in love with a hooker, rent Pretty Woman for some pointers.

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