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Adult Dating Site Rules for Married Cheaters

You will notice a recurring theme among many adult dating sites in 2011—married lovers cheating on their spouses. Websites like, play up the adultery

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The Price of Casual Encounters

Sex is never free. Have you ever heard someone say that? The idea may sound unusual to you, but the essence of that is true. All sex costs something, unless you're counting masturbation. However,

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Staying Safe When Using Adult Dating Sites

The idea of using an adult online dating site for discreet and anonymous sex is certainly a titillating idea. However, no sex is worth jeopardizing your health for nor is one steamy encounter worth

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Sex Etiquette for Adult Dating

You may know your way around a chat room or an instant messaging window, but do you really know what you're doing once you get the casual encounter started? This can be an intimidating time for new

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How to Have Sex Using an Adult Dating Site

Have you signed up for a new adult dating site but are still clueless as to how to get laid? Don't worry, a lot of people have this problem, including men and women. Arranging an anonymous sexual

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How to Ask for Sex on an Adult Dating Site

So, you've finally joined an adult dating site and are looking forward to years and years of anonymous sex encounters. There's just one problem: you're still feeling shy whenever you chat with a real

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