A Guide to Safe Sex for Adult Dating

Talking about safe sex sure is unromantic, isn't it? However, looking down at an infected genital area for the rest of your life is an even bigger turn off! The first and most important rule for adult dating online is that you and your consenting partner have safe sex—no exceptions!

Of course, a great deal of singles and marrieds are confused as to what safe sex is, and how one can get an STD. Once you're out of school, sex education is scarcely talked about anymore, least of all from the media, social networking sites, movies, TV shows and porn. However, casual sex does lead to an increased risk of sexually transmitted disease, and all the more so when precautions aren't taken.

The first rule of safe sex is that when you are in doubt you should always use a condom. You should always be in doubt, at least until you come to know the person over a long period of time. For many people, a few months of dating does not merit full trust, as in sex without condoms or “barebacking.”

Online Dating and Sexual Safety

Obviously, the safest type of sex is phone sex, cyber sex and webcam sex, followed by non-penetrative forms of intercourse. However, the idea that only penetration can lead to an STD is a misconception; genital warts and herpes can be transmitted from skin to skin. When engaging in any activity with a mysterious new partner, use condoms made of latex. Women can use vaginal condoms. Dental dams or even medical gloves can be used as protection for oral sex. Condoms are less effective in protecting against pregnancy, and this is why women will often times take the pill in addition to condom usage.

Bear in mind that you should not combine condoms or mix condoms with spermicide, since these techniques reduce condom's efficiency. Men should wear a condom as soon as they become erect and not remove the condom until ejaculation is finished; using a condom half the time is only half as effective.

The best way to prevent STDs besides condom usage include honest communication (asking partners if they have an STD, and who else they are involved with), immunization, STI testing and sexual health checkups.

You don't have to be abstinent to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases! Use condoms and talk to your partners maturely and you will have no problem getting laid the safe way.

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