Adult Dating Site Rules for Married Cheaters

You will notice a recurring theme among many adult dating sites in 2011—married lovers cheating on their spouses. Websites like, play up the adultery angle, while  merely lists the possibility in their search fields (married looking for married, etc.).

This is becoming a new trend in modern dating, and particularly online dating, where discreetness is a major issue. There are many reasons why someone happily or unhappily married might want to look for a lover online. Sexual fulfillment and emotional fulfillment are common motivators, as is revenge and plain old boredom. One reason why married people seek other marrieds out is because they can relate to each other more so than with single people. Some may have families and may not want to rock the boat. Therefore, keeping things discreet and quiet is a necessity. Of course, James Bond preferred married women because it “keeps things simple,” meaning no commitment.

The online adult dating service is a very convenient way to look for an extramarital spouse, and saves lonely individuals from having to make small talk with strangers, get involved with friends, or workmates and taking any other risks. If you or someone you know is thinking about cheating using an adult dating site, it's important to remember these pointers.

Stay Safe When Discreetly Dating

First, don't exchange any personal information or give away anything that could be traced back to you. This is a sure way to get yourself blackmailed or to cause an ugly scene at home. Meet on neutral grounds, such as a public place at first, and then eventually a hotel room. Be careful about sharing pictures with revealing information, such as public places you live by or family members. Don't text message or use a phone to communicate with your lover. Use a VoIP phone so that you can't be traced.

The last tip is a very tricky one. Ordinarily, you tell someone where you're going when meeting up with a new stranger. That way, if anything “funny” happens and you turn up missing, someone has a lead to investigate. Unless you want to get caught, don't tell a friend of yours or a friend of your spouse that you are cheating. You can either make up a story as to where you're going and who you're meeting or you can tell an acquaintance that has no connection with your private life.

When you start married dating, remember to play the game carefully and prudently.

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