10 Best Reasons to Have an Affair Through an Adult Dating Site

Are you thinking about having an affair through an online dating service? We can't really think of any good reason not too, except maybe obsessive guilt and a general fear of sex with hot people. In fact, we can only come up with 10 great reasons to sign up at an adults-only dating site.

  1. It's Cheap

    No more paying for lobster dinners, champagne and flowers. Send virtual gifts which are much cheaper and save money. All you pay for is the subscription. The sex is free!
  2. It's Guaranteed

    Many adult dating sites are now offering a “get laid” guarantee. How awesome is this? You either have sex with a local hottie or get a free membership. Who doesn't like free stuff?
  3. Webcam Chat

    You don't need any special software to chat with your new friend face to face. Just a basic webcam and you can talk face to face. No more wondering if your 19 year old temptress is a greasy 60 year old man…now you can see it with your own eyes.
  4. Customized Kinks

    Yes, you can find customized kinks using an adult dating service. Why settle for whoever's “around” when you can find your fantasy lover come to life? Bondage, bi-curious, voyeurism, it's all good.
  5. Rebound Sex

    It's free, it's guiltless and you want cause a scene down at the office. This is the way rebound sex should be—just for you and no one else's business.
  6. Sex 24-7

    There's no more reason to reserve time so you can go out to the bar on Friday nights. Now you can chat with local horny people at any hour of the day for as long as you want!
  7. Control the Relationship

    You get full control of the relationship and decide when you want to see your lover or when it's time to call it quits—and no drama for it! You can have a one night fling or make a long-term mistress. You could even find a marriage mate if you wanted to.
  8. Cheat on Your Spouse

    After getting married, come on back to the adult dating site to arrange for an affair. Never before has cheating been so easy and so discreet.
  9. Share the Fun

    Or you could start swinging and bring your wife, mistress, boyfriend, sugar daddy and five other random people into your bedroom. There are all types when you surf at a site like AdultFriendFinder with over 30 million members.
  10. Because Sex is Cheaper Online

    You're going to be paying for sex one way or another, and an adult dating website is actually the cheapest option out there. It's cheaper than an escort, cheaper than dating a steady girlfriend, and definitely cheaper than getting married and paying for a $7,000 wedding.

Adult dating services are the best thing to happen to sex since the 1960s!

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